All you wanted to know about dedicated server hosting



All you wanted to know about dedicated server hosting 1


There are more than one ways to bring a domain online, each having its own unique advantages and disadvantages. One such way is dedicated server hosting. In this post, we’ll see what it is and how it stacks up against virtual private hosting. 


What is Dedicated Server Hosting? 

You get total ownership of one server when you opt to use dedicated server hosting. No other party has any control over it. So basically you can customize the server as per your needs.

Dedicated server hosting works best for large websites that receive hundreds of thousands of visitors in a short time span. A dedicated server doesn’t come cheap. However, it offers many important features that other hosting methods don’t provide.


How Dedicated Server Hosting Works?

A Dedicated Server is physical as well as extensive. You can liken it to your computer; but a dedicated server is on a much large scale and contains multiple microprocessors, hard drives, RAM, and more. A server is a computer built to tackle large packets of information. The word ‘dedicated’ indicates the large scale computer wouldn’t be working for anyone else but you.


The dedicated servers might work in two ways:

  • Managed – The onus of performing all tasks needed to keep the server up and running lies on a third-party. Managed services usually include: round-the-clock monitoring and support, virus scans, kernel updates, spam filtering, OS updates, and much more.
  • Unmanaged – The full responsibility for the upkeep of the server is on you.


What Advantages Dedicated Server Hosting Provide? 

These are main advantages of having a dedicated server:

  • Performance – Dedicated servers are capable of tackling large amounts of data together. You can trust a dedicated server to not buckle up under the pressure of seriously high traffic
  • Reliable – When you opt for a dedicated server, you’ve full control over it. Therefore, you can plan upgrades, repairs, and changes better and in such a way that your work gets as little hampered as possible.
  • Security – You can have the dedicated server customized as per your need. This in turn ensures better security.
  • Bandwidth – There’s no issue of bandwidth, as you are not sharing the space with someone else.
  • Control – The server, whether you’ve opted for a managed or an unmanaged one, is totally under your control, especially software. You can customize in any way you like to ensure you get the best service.


Dedicated Server Hosting Vs. Virtual Private Server

In the Virtual Private Server (VPS) setup, a part of a server is all yours. While that area is fully under your control, you must share things like overall disk space, CPU time, memory, and more with others.

VPS is considerably less expensive than Dedicated Server Hosting. However, it is not as customizable and secure as a dedicated server. The biggest difference, however, is in the performance. A VPS server cannot match a dedicated server in performance.


In case you want to host your website through Dedicated Server Hosting, you can trust to provide you a suitable solution.

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