What is dedicated server hosting?

A dedicated server hosting is basically the opposite from shared hosting. This hosting type only serves one website at a time. While this greatly improves the website performance, a dedicated hosting is significantly more expensive than a shared hosting.

Why should I choose dedicated server hosting?

A dedicated server hosting can provide you these benefits:
- Optimum performance; since your website is the only one that exists in the server, you can use all resources available in the system for your website, giving a significant performance boost to your website performance.
- Security: a dedicated server hosting allows you to tailor all security measures to your own needs.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is a friendly, unique identifier to a website that replaces the website’s IP address. For example, is the IP address of HostingIDOL.com website. These numbers are difficult to remember. So, to make the website easier to remember, a domain name is given to the website. In our case, https://hostingidol.com replaces

How do I choose a good domain name?

A good domain name is the one that best reflects your website. It should also be short and easy enough to remember. A good domain name usually contains less than 5 syllables.

How do I get a domain name?

You can follow these steps to get a domain name:
- Go to a domain name registrar page, like - https://hostingidol.com/domain/
- Search for your domain name and check if it is still available.
- Pick a domain name from the suggested list and proceed to payment.


What is shared hosting ?

A shared hosting is a hosting service that serves multiple websites at once. All websites in this hosting share all resources inside the system, such as disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, FTP accounts, traffic, CPU, RAM, MySQL, Apache etc. With more people using its service, shared hosting is usually more affordable than dedicated hosting.

Who should use shared hosting?

You should consider using shared hosting if you are dealing with one of the following situations:
- You are on tight budget for your website.
- You are not looking forward for a high traffic for your website.
- Both of the above reasons

What are the advantages of shared hosting?

There are 3 main advantages of shared hosting:
- A shared hosting allows you to get a lower price than a dedicated hosting.
- The service provider team takes care all the server technical maintenance for you, saving you from headaches.
- Plug and play; shared hosting providers usually provide easy-to-use panels for their members to upload and configure their website.

What is a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

A virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual machine inside a physical server that acts like a dedicated hosting server. It has every benefit you can get from a dedicated server and can be customized to fit the customer’s needs. Also, thanks to its own operating system, you can literally install anything on this system.

What are the benefits of using VPS?

Here are some benefits of using VPS:
- VPS is more affordable than a dedicated server, but still more expensive than a shared hosting.
- You can customize a VPS and the subscription fees to your liking.
- A VPS gives you more control to your hosting than a shared hosting

Why should I choose VPS hosting?

As your website grows, you’ll have more needs and traffic. At some point, your shared server will no longer able to support your website. At this point, you need VPS hosting. With more resources, customization options, and controls, VPS will give you more freedom and control over your website, more than a shared hosting. Also, it is easier to configure than a dedicated server.

What is the difference between a VPS and a Dedicated Server?

Here are some major differences between a VPS and dedicated server:
- Since a VPS is basically a shared hosting in all its nature, it shares the same resources with other websites in the system.
- A VPS hosting usually have no more than 2 hosting environments, making it less customizable than dedicated hosting.
- A VPS is easier to configure than a dedicated hosting server.