8 top (& free!) WordPress plug-ins for site maintenance 1


WordPress biggest strength is the extendability offered by plug-ins. If you’ve used WordPress, you would know it can’t do everything that you want—but that’s not a bad thing. Just imagine how bulky, and complicated, such a platform would have been.

Thankfully, there are add-ons to complete functions that WordPress lack. There are many thousand WordPress plug-ins, but all are not equally good.


Here’s a list of top 8 WordPress plug-ins that you can get for free.


  1. Antispam Bee

There’s no end to spam on the Internet. It’s everywhere, and if you are not careful, spam will take over your site, so much so that any quality comments left by a genuine visitor would be lost in the blink of an eye.

So, what’s the way out? You got to use an effective filter, like Antispam Bee, trusted by over 200,000 site owners to keep the noise out. It doesn’t cost a dime, but is just about as good as they come.


  1. Duplicator

Are you lazy in backing up your site?

Well, you are not alone; there are many site owners like you. However, smart website owners know that lazy backup habits can cost a great deal. That’s why, they use Duplicator, a plug-in that allows you to not only make backup of your website but also move it from one phase to another, like production to staging.


  1. Theme Check 

Is your site’s theme in line with the most recent WordPress standards?

If you are not sure, use theme check. The plug-in is highly recommended as the process used is the same as used by WordPress.org while testing different themes for submission.


  1. Display Widgets

With Display Widgets, you can have different sidebar content on different pages without coding several sidebars with many conditional statements or having to duplicate a widget many times. By ticking a checkbox or un-ticking, it you can now show or hide widgets on particular pages.


  1. Easy Updates Manager

Are you running many sites? Then you would know how big a hassle it is to update WordPress. Well, you can now throw those worries out of the window, because the Easy Updates Manager makes updating WordPress as easy as one, two, three.

A highly-customizable plug-in, it allows you to decide if you want to update minor or major core for only one site or for multiple sites.


  1. Disable Comments

If you don’t want others to comment on your website, you might want to try Disable Comments. By using it, you can have a greater control over commenting function site-wide. You can disable comments for pages, by posts, and much more.


  1. Yoast SEO

With features like OpenGraph Integration, breadcrumbs, editing for meta description and SEO titles, Yoast SEO allows you to easily control the site’s search optimization.


  1. Redirection

This plug-in informs you when someone is directed to a non-existent link on your site. More importantly, when this happens, it permits you to setup a 301 redirect so that the next time users lands on the appropriate content.

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